The Invisible Chef Catering 


Personal Chef Menu:


Poultry:*Chicken & sausage jambalaya
*Chicken & penne with pesto
*Chicken with tomatoes, onions & mushrooms
*Arozz con Pollo
*Jamaican jerk chicken
*Chicken satay with peanut sauce
*Teriyaki chicken
*Chicken parmesan
*Chicken stuffed with spinach & feta cheese
*Thai chicken curry
*Lemon-herb roasted chicken
*Parsley roast chicken with mushroom sauce
*Stout & brown sugar roasted chicken
*Chicken & black bean enchiladas
*Sour cream chicken enchiladas
*Hawaiian chicken
*Greek chicken
*Tandoori chicken
* Chicken & vegetable stir fry


*Beef stroganoff
*Beef bourguignon
*Beef & plantain pie
*Southwest meatloaf
*Jerk meatloaf
*Meatballs in a creamy dill sauce
*Tex-Mex lasagna
*Classic lasagna
*Beef lo-mein
*Beef manicotti
*Beef enchiladas
*Beef fajitas
*Tamale pie
*Shepherd's pie
*Beef & mushroom pie
*Beef pot roast
*Spaghetti & meatballs
*Chicken fried steak
*Spicy sausage linguini
*Penne with sausage & pesto cream sauce
*Italian sausage with peppers & onions
*Moroccan flank steak
*Asian pork tenderloin


*Ultimate mac & cheese
*Butternut squash enchiladas with verde sauce
*Stir fried eggplant & tofu
*Vegetarian lasagna
*Spinach manicotti
*Eggplant parmesan
*Vegetable bundles with maranara sauce
*Mixed vegetable curry
*Baked ziti with mushrooms in a roasted pepper sauce
*Stuffed peppers
*Red beans & rice
*Potato, chipotle & mushroom rolled tacos
*Pasta with fresh vegetables in a vodka sauce

We also offer a variety of soups & sandwiches, ask about our seasonal options. Also ask about our vegan & gluten free menu.

Catering Sample Items:

Hot Appetizers
*Chicken -or- Beef skewers with a curry peanut sauce
*Cocktail meatballs in a creamy dill sauce
*Smoked sausage in puff pastry
*Louisiana hot wings { we also offer other flavors }
*Mini quiche Lorraine
* Uptown potato skins with assorted toppings
*Savory mushroom cups
*Mini pizzas with assorted toppings
*Empanadas with filling of choice
*Egg rolls with filling of choice
*Caramelized onion & mushroom tarts
*Mini spinach & cheese triangles
*Cuban pressed sandwiches

*Hot artichoke & feta cheese dip
*Layered black bean pesto dip
*Hot corn & cheese dip
*Hummus { traditional -or- black bean }

Finger foods
*Fresh Thai spring rolls
*Assorted fresh vegetables with dipping sauce
*Spicy shrimp salad on crostini
*Assorted artisan cheese with fresh fruit
*Shrimp cocktail with assorted dips
*Bruschetta with assorted toppings

We have many more items to choose from, also ask about our famous desserts!


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